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The Page of Our Lives podcast – or POOL as we affectionately call it – is a weekly show hosted by us, Paige Eavenson and Leslee Stewart.

Every week, we take a page from our own lives, or the life of an inspiring friend, and give you the Cliff’s notes. Our goal is to encourage you, challenge you and remind you to have more fun.

So, pop in your earbuds, grab your favorite drink and jump in the POOL…we promise it’ll be a real page turner!

Page of Our Lives – S2 E12 – InstaJoy: Put Your Praise On Page of Our Lives Podcast

Today we wrap up our Christmas series on InstaJoy! All month we’ve shared four key ingredients we need to prepare our hearts to receive the joy that God has for us. We’ve learned to pause, pray, and prepare…and today we’re going to talk about the last ingredient – the importance of praise. Praise is like the steam valve on the instant pot. When the pressure of life builds and builds, praise is what helps us release those burdens and open our hearts to receive God’s joy. Isaiah 61:3 says to put on a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness. So, let’s experience the fullness of joy and talk about the power of praise on this episode of The Page of Our Lives. …… Thank you for supporting our show, leaving a rating or a review in your podcast player and sharing it with your friends. Link to podcast: https://bit.ly/PageofOurLives Show notes and more available at http://www.pageofourlivespodcast.com — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/pageofourlivespodcast/support
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  2. Page of Our Lives – S2 E11 – InstaJoy: Take Time to Prepare

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About Us

More than 10 years ago, Leslee heard Paige speak at a MOPS meeting at Grace Family Church in Tampa, Florida. During the meeting, Paige mentioned she liked to “collect new friends.” Leslee, who was new in town, really needed a friend. So, like any normal person would do, she stalked Paige in the parking after the meeting, marched up to her minivan and asked if she would collect her as a new friend. Unfazed, Paige said yes and well…the rest is what you see here.

That stalking moment soon led to pool playdates with their kids, doing Bible study together and discovering they shared a love of speaking and teaching women about the joy they’ve found in knowing Jesus. Eventually they both came on staff at Grace Family Church, where they worked together on the women’s ministry team teaching, coaching and helping to plan and host the annual Beautiful Women’s Conference.

Life eventually moved them both away from Tampa, but their friendship stayed the course. They continue to be an encouragement to each other through the highs and lows of raising families, marriage and ministry.

Through the Page of Our Lives podcast, they share their lives, and the lives of interesting guests, with their listeners.

Paige and her husband, Clay, live in Seneca, South Carolina with their four kids, Cade, 16, Claire, 15, Caris, 10 and Corrie, 8. When she’s not homeschooling her kids, you can find Paige speaking a women’s events and leading bible studies. She is also a proud advocate for organ donation and loves to share the story of God’s miracle through a liver transplant for her youngest daughter, Corrie, at the age of 4. Read more about Paige at paigeeavenson.com.

Leslee and her husband, Jon, live in Frisco, Texas with their two sons, Rinner, 15 and Camden, 13. After more than a decade leading communications for several Fortune 100 companies, Leslee said goodbye to corporate America to be a stay-at-home mom and serve in the local church, where she currently leads ministries for women and young moms. She loves seeing women embrace their God-given identity and in turn, change the world. Read more about Leslee at lesleestewart.com.

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